Etymology of the Pseudonym

An animated explanation of my domain name

If you haven’t noticed already, “Lane Widen” is an anagram of my full name. However, I like to think that it holds deeper symbolism that one can uncover with some reflection. In fact, its hidden meanings relate to the website’s content, and this made me choose it as pseudonym and domain name.

Surpassing boundaries

This website adopts one main attitude with its design, that of rejecting established limits. It steps away from the conventional and strives to promote innovation, as if in persistent determination and in stubborn defiance against repressive authority. Thus, creativity should not be inhibited by the narrow width of a lane.


Limiting factors in the computer domain consist of data transmission mediums on which bandwidth imposes itself. These include connection to the Internet, as well as the various interfaces used by the components of a computer to intercommunicate. But perhaps the best practical example is the PCI Express interface, composed of a number of lanes that each have a bandwidth that increases with every major revision to the standard. This also shows the rapid progression of computer technology and how it continuously pushes the boundaries.


In object-oriented programming, “Lane” would be the object and “Widen” its method… Alright, this one’s pretty far-fetched, but does show a relationship with programming.

All this seems to be more of a de-obfuscation than an etymology. Intentionally, the anagram animation below begins in an obscure atmosphere, but then brightens after revealing the origin of the pseudonym.

This was modeled, textured, animated, rendered and edited with Blender.