You’ve probably come here to find out more about me, the site author, whom you have little knowledge of. This page will not attempt to change that.

I should start by telling you my age, but by the time you read this, that number has a high probability of being obsolete, and I’m too lazy to write a script that would only be useful once a year. Alternatively, I could tell you my date of birth and leave the age calculation as an exercise, but this isn’t a textbook.

I’m from the Terra Firma region of planet Earth, and I live within walking distance from what locals call “The Crust.” I usually refrain from using this name because it conflicts with that of the bakery bound to exist in roughly the same area.

I’m currently studying the Meanings of Life, majoring in Life Is What Happens When You’re Alive And You Might As Well Enjoy It, with a minor in Shit Happens.

My hobbies include, but are not limited to, breathing, sleeping, fixing things that aren’t broken, looking at a lot of pixels at once, and using the Earth as an omnidirectional treadmill for my various physical activities.

That should satisfy all readers except those it doesn’t. Feel free to reach me at the email address below (requires CSS to display properly):

@ daniel